I believe that counselling can help give perspective on our lives and help us to understand who we are, make changes that improve our life, or help dealing with a particular problem.

My approach is based on the belief that mind body and spirit work together, and if there is an imbalance between them it can affect us. Often when we are physically unwell this impacts on us emotionally. It may leave us feeling vulnerable or unable to cope with the pressures and expectations of life. If we are emotionally unwell, this may affect us physically

Our life experiences mould and shape us into the person that we become, our past having a large impact on how we behave, react and deal with situations that affect our lives. Counselling can offer new perspective, a window into your inner being and help you understand who you truly are.

I feel working to trace our lives back into those early years helps us to learn about ourselves. Allowing the unconscious to steadily become the conscious enables us to begin to get clarity and make positive changes in our lives.

In this world there are many different types of experience that we may find difficult to cope with. Most of the time we can get on with life, but other times we are stopped in our tracks by an event that we do not understand or have the ability to sort out. These are the times where counselling is really helpful because it gives us the opportunity to be listened to, taken seriously, and understood in a non judgmental way.

I offer one to one counselling for individual adults and couples, young people who are 11-18 years old and children under 11. If appropriate I can provide counselling sessions in your home. The areas that I cover for home counselling are Romney Marsh and Hythe

When we meet we will complete an assessment and decide together what support is right for you. This might include how often and for how long we should meet initially.